Something in the Water

Something in the Water: by Catherine Steadman

Summary of Something in the water:

Something in the Water is a psychological thriller by New York Times Best Sellers author Catherine Steadman.

A simple choice can change your life forever.

Erin and Mark passionately embark on a dream honeymoon went to a tropical island. They enjoyed the sun, the sand and each other. When they were in a scuba driving in crystal blue sea, they saw something in the water.

A life of dream can be turned into nightmare at any time. To protect their secret, they had to make a wrong choice that lead them to a devastating chain of events.

What will happen in the consequent of the events. Will Catherine Steadman be able to fulfill the expectation of the readers providing an expected finishing? Unlimited psychological thrilling is waiting for the readers.   

Something in the water

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Praise for Something in the Water:

“We all think we know our own boundaries. We all think we’d do the right thing. But what if the opportunity for the perfect crime appeared right in front of your eyes? How many rules would you break in pursuit of the perfect life? Catherine Steadman’s debut novel, Something in the Water, is as scary as it gets. This terrifying morality tale is guaranteed to keep you up at night.” -Michelle Richmond, New York Times Best Seller author.

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