The Drowned Girls

The Drowned Girls: by Loreth Anne White

Summary of The Drowned Girls:

The Drowned Girls is one of the best selling novels of award winning and bestselling author Loreth Anne. This is the first of the Angie Pallorino Series. 

Detective Angie Pallorino is a member of Victoria’s Metro Police Department appointed for Sex Crime cases. She never forgot the distinct calling card and crosses etched into the flesh of forehead left by violent rapist. 

The Drowned Girls is a thriller about a serial rapist and a parallel personal life of detective Angie Pallorino. There is a back part and front part of the story. There is a alternative choice in back part for those who don’t like a violence but healthy romance. 

It’s an wonderful combination of violence and romance. Someone will enjoy romance but difficulty at violence and others will enjoy violence. Thus the book will provide a mixed feelings of wild romance.


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If someone want to read a violent thriller with a healthy dash of romance than it’s the best choice for him. 

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Quotes of The Drowned Girls:

  1. “Two Metro fire-rescue vessels—bright yellow with” – Loreth Anne White.
  2. “Difference between heaven and hell was people.” – Loreth Anne White.
  3. “We all move within six degrees” – Loreth Anne White.

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