The English Girl A

The English Girl: A Novel by Daniel Silva

About The English Girl

The English Girl is a spectacular thriller of New York Times Best Sellers author Daniel Silva. A beautiful young English women was kidnapped in Corsica and than spy Gabriel Allon was appointed by deputy director Graham Seymour to find her, as she is the mistress of British Prime Minister Lancaster.  

The English Girl

This is only for blackmailing the Prime Minister. What will happen on the fate of  Young Lady and what will be done the Prime Minister and what will be action plan of intelligent spy Allon, each and every question is a billion dollar question. It’s the best books to read for you.

The book is full of unlimited excitement and a brilliant thriller from Daniel Silva. Every moment it will test your heart strength. Go ahead and take the challenge and read a top selling book.

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Quotes of The English Girl:

  1. “He who lives an immoral life dies an immoral death. —Corsican proverb” -Daniel Silva
  2. “Downing Street Affair, which was bland” -Daniel Silva
  3. “Espariat. In the center of the square was an ancient” -Daniel Silva
  4. “To be honest with you, I’ve always felt a little Jewish.” “You have an aversion to shellfish and German opera?” “I was speaking in a spiritual sense.” “You’re a professional assassin, Keller.” -Daniel Silva
  5. “Jews don’t camp…The last time the Jews went camping, they spent forty years wandering in the desert.” -Daniel Silva.

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