The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother: A Novel by Aimee Molloy

The Perfect Mother is an  instant New York Times Best Sellers , is the most anticipated novel of the summer. A Psychological thriller of a group of women whose life became unexpectedly connected after missing of one’s new born baby.

A group of mothers and they are called May mothers, gave birth to their babies in the same month. They arrange a get together twice a week in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

When they were in a routine break in neighborhood bar everything was going well but one of the baby was taken from his crib. Six week  old Midas was missing but her fellow May mother was reluctant thinking everything would be fine.

Thus the psychological thrilling of the novel The Perfect Mother has become started.  A heart pro-founding race to find little Midas, Marriage are tested, friendships are rebuild-ed , thirteen days and an unexpected twist.

This best seller book is a scrutinizing of mother’s character for a perfection. There are so many real mother’s characters beyond the original fiction  and all mothers have something to learn for betterment of their beloved child. Social, Physical and other obstacles are opened here in an artistic  manner. 

    The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother is an wonderful creation of Aimee Molly which is full of unlimited excitement and psychological thrilling. You can buy this for your own collection and also for next mothers day gifts or mothers day gift ideas.

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