Year One

Year One: Chronicles of The One by Nora Roberts

Summary of Year One (Nora Roberts):

Year One is one of the best selling novels of number one New York Times Best Selling author Nora Roberts. This is a wonderful combination of hope and horror, chaos and magic, a desperate gathering of savage and savior. 

Half of the population all over the world was effected within a week after starting the disorder of total system. Electric grid was stipulated, Government & Rules were break down and fear was spread out everywhere.

Chaos was in everywhere and since & technology was valueless because magic and wizardry was working. It has some good side and a bad side for evil purpose. Good side was witchcraft worked by Lana Bingham and she was practicing and sharing with her lover, Max.

In a world of survivors, strangers are either savage or savior. Everybody is trying to save themselves and each other but nobody knows the ending of the game which has started. 

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Year One is full of thrilling experience and unlimited excitement. If you are looking for best novels of thrilling category than Nora Roberts’s Year One would be the best choice for you.

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Quotes of Year One (Nora Roberts):

  1. “Poe, football star who had had scouts sniffing around him. Tough faced, tough bodied. He’d been the one to push a plate of spaghetti to her when she and Max had found the house in the snowy dark.” -Nora Roberts.
  2. “And sometimes those major, monumental crises have no effect on certain types. Which means, no matter what the circumstances, assholes remain assholes.” -Nora Roberts.

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